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susan o (Susan Odle) is an Ottawa based singer songwriter returning to the Ottawa music scene 13 years after releasing Lonelytown. 20 Years is the result of another collaboration with good friend Dave Draves of Little Bullhorn (fiftymen, Kathleen Edwards, Howe Gelb, Camp Radio, Jim Bryson). Born in England, raised in Toronto and calling Ottawa home for a long time now, susan o’s songs have been described as “fragile folk and country songs that simmer in quiet desperation.” (Ottawa Xpress). Here debut album (Lonelytown) received critical acclaim from Ottawa press, SOCAN and Folk Music Ontario, and she has shared the stage with Andy Stochansky,  Haydain Neale (Jacksoul), Russel DeCarle (Prarie Oyster), Connie Kaldor and Stephen Fearing.

“Susan O is back, and putting the O in O-town” Lynn Saxberg – Ottawa Citizen

“Passionate, powerful… a spectacular voice…” Susan Lightstone.

“Susan… has a gift for spinning stark, down-to-earth tales. 4 out of 5 stars”  Steve Baylin

Runner up for “Woe” from Lonelytown – Songs from the heart 2003 (Folk Music Ontario)



“Birds” – studio collage video

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40 something has something to say, always about life… lots about love. It’s been 13 years since I released Lonelytown, but the music never stopped.  Music is as important to me as oxygen, performing just took the back seat to raising kids for a time.

Making 20 Years was so good. The music flowed so easily and collaborating with my good friend Dave Draves always makes time stand still.

These songs are simple stories of life’s journey into our 40’s.  As a songwriter, my songs live not so much in my head as in my heart.

Amy Ray’s Kid Fears is 20 Year’s only cover and I set George Elliot Clarke’s poem, Everything Is Free, to music.  I recorded it at home for an EP many years ago.  George has been waiting a long time studio production of it!

I hope that 20 Years gives you the feeling that raw driven acoustic music gives me, and maybe something more. Maybe a song will become your story… your song.

peace. love. music. susan o

Contributors and Alumni


Borrowing from Rolf Klausener’s approach of giving much credit where credit is due.  I have been fortunate to work with a number of Ottawa’s finest people and musicians over the years, and that continues with the release of 20 Years.  Please support my current band and musical Alumni in their musical endeavors, they are special and talented people.


susan o / lead vocals, acoustic guitar

dave draves / bass, vocals

fred guignion / lead guitar

peter von althen / drums, percussion


Jim Bryson / guitars, piano, keys
Olivier Fairfield / drums, percussion
Brian Sanderson / horns
Jeremy Gara / drums
Rolf Klaussner / guitars
Doug Gouthro / guitars
Danny Boivin / bass
Elaina Martin / vocals


Susan Odle